Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart Support Group.

GDPR statement and Privacy Policy – Aug 10th  2018

This document describes how we handle personal data kept by the club.

We collect Name, Address, Telephone number (Static and Mobile) and email address.

This data is for the sole purpose of contacting members regarding club activities.

The data is kept on a single password protected laptop computer owned and managed by the club.

A paper copy of the consent form filled in and signed by existing and joining members is kept by the committee in a secure location.

The computerised data is backed up to a single memory stick device which is securely located.

Paper copies of class members phone numbers and email address are provided to the instructors of each class for the purpose stated above, they are kept in a lockable case provided by the club.

Access to the computer copies of the data is strictly managed by the clubs GDPR manager, who is also a committee member.

No personal data is shared. We do not send personal data via email.

Club members can have their data updated or removed by contacting a committee member, whereupon the data will be removed within 72 hours.

Each year all data held is reviewed for relevance and none relevant data destroyed.

At certain club events photographs or videos may be taken and used to promote the club. Any member who does not want their photograph taken or to appear in a video should decline involvement when the photograph or video is being taken. Some photographs and videos may also appear on the club website.

          Overall our aim is to:

Keep any personal data secure, viewed only by those who really need to, limited to what is needed, accurate, up to date,  kept for only as long as it is needed, deleted / destroyed when no longer needed, available to be seen by its owner on request, not shared and is easily amended if incorrect.

          The Club acknowledges that:


  • The committee is aware that Data Protection legislation applies to the Club.

  • All committee members understand how to handle personal data.

  • Club officials have given permission for their names and contact details to be made publicly available.

  • There is a process to follow if any Personal Data is lost or stolen.

  • Personal Data will only be used for Club purposes


Issued by the  ‘Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart Support Group’ Committee.