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Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

Hello all!

A few exercises to try if you feel up to it!

Ideas to stay active:

Warm Up- you can march on the spot inside or outside. make sure you have your core pulled in, back nice and straight and arms gently relaxed or swinging at your side.  Don’t forget your smile (you didn’t think this would mean a break did you!)

  • Make sure you move your arms and legs for around 5 minutes- or you could even do whilst your  potatoes are boiling waiting for dinner!

Then try some of these suggested exercises-

  • Hip Adductors: Stand behind a chair and bring a leg out to the side (not too high!). Aim to do 10 on each side.


  • Next take a deep breath, relax and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Stay behind the chair and do some calf raises- again do 10 of these. We like to do these whilst the kettle boils- think how many you could get in in one day!





  • Third- you can do this without holding on to the chair if you prefer (or you can do sitting down)- gently lift your leg up in front of you. This works on our balance but also strengthens our hip flexors.  Try and aim to do 5-10 each side






  • Then we are going to work our shoulders- lift your shoulders up towards your ears- up and down and repeat. Aim to do 10. You can do this standing or sitting. If you have some tins of beans/tomatoes, you can hold these whilst you do them.







  • We can also work our biceps- keep your arms straight- start to curl them up to your chest, and then back down to your thighs. again you can hold some full water bottles or tins if you prefer.


Don’t forget- just build in a little more daily activity when you can- take a walk even if in the garden or around your house and if you need any other ideas please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Stay safe and see you soon!

The instructor Team xx

calf raises.png
hip flextors.png
Hip Adductors.png
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