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Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

Recovery position:
  • Once the casualty is breathing normally for themselves.

  • With the person lying on their back, kneel on the floor at their side.

  • Extend the arm nearest you at a right angle to their body with their palm facing up.

  • Take their other arm and fold it so the back of their hand rests on the cheek closest to you, and hold it in place.

  • Use your free hand to bend the person's knee farthest from you to a right angle.

  • Carefully roll the person onto their side by pulling on the bent knee.

  • Their bent arm should be supporting the head, and their extended arm will stop you rolling them too far.

  • Make sure their bent leg is at a right angle.

  • Open their airway by gently tilting their head back and lifting their chin, and check that nothing is blocking their airway.

  • Stay with the person and monitor their condition until help arrives.

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