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Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

News and Events 2024

David Volrath is the new chairman of the club.

Group Meetings are as follows:

Wednesday 10th April -

 Wednesday 12th June, changed from the 26th

Wednesday 14th August 2024 – Social evening and Quiz (new date added) 

Wednesday 9th October (AGM),

Wednesday 11th December (Christmas)

Details of guest speakers shown further down in the appropriate month..


17th - Newsletter

 Happy New Year to all our members. 


This week we had our first H&H Committee meeting for 2024 and wanted to pass on a few items to you.  Firstly, welcome to Jo Hartland to the Committee.  Jo volunteers with the Rehab team at the Alexandra Hospital and works hard to encourage new members to H&H.  The current Committee members are: David Volrath, Chairman; Martin Stansbie, Treasurer; Anne Brooks, Secretary and Committee Members June Spillane, David Munro, Peggy Blunn and Jo Hartland.


The venue for the Group Meetings will be St John’s Church Hall, Greenlands Avenue, Redditch

B98 7PZ.  We are in the process of finalising speakers for the April and June meetings.


Emergency Contact Details

Over the next few weeks, we will be asking members if they are happy to let H&H retain emergency contact details.  This came about following a discussion about what would happen if someone had an accident, or were taken ill, and would we know who to contact.


This is purely voluntary and we will use the same process we did for the GDPR forms in that you will receive an envelope with a form for you, and your emergency contact, to complete.  Seal the envelope and hand it back in to class.


Your information (name, address, phone etc.) are not stored on a computer and only accessible to the Committee member that need to access this information.  It will be the same with the emergency contact details.



Each exercise class always has a defibrillator and a first aid kit. The only other items we carry are generic glucose tablets (available to buy as a non-prescription item).  If you need any other medication such as a GTN spray, please ensure you bring your own to class. 


H&H Clothing

We have a number of very nice t/shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts all with the H&H logo on them.  Over the coming weeks we will be bringing these to the classes should you have any Christmas money you would like to spend.


British Heart Foundation News

February is ‘Heart Month’ for BHF and they are having a big push for fund raising.  If you wish to take part, go on to the BHF web site for activities you can get involved in.


Exercise class start dates

Greenlands/St Johns - Wednesday 3rd 

Bromsgrove - Friday 5th 

Oakenshaw - Friday 5th 




10th - Group meeting. 

A quick update on Group Meeting.  44 people attended, 32 of whom are active members and 12 guests.

 Dr Brian Olwell, gave a presentation on the types of images which can be of the heart and an explanation which type is used for what condition.

We apologise for the technology hold up at the start of the evening.  The learning we are taking from that is to ask presenters for their presentation in advance so we can load it onto the H&H laptop (which works with our projector), or that they bring it on a USB stick.  The up-side of the delay was that we had plenty of time to chat and eat cake!


A huge thank you to Anne Plews and Chris Whittaker for making the tea and coffee.  It's not easy in a new venue when you don't know how everything works and they did a fantastic job of keeping us refreshed whilst we waited to get started.


Our next Group Meeting is Wednesday 12th June, 7.30pm, at Greenlands.  Jane McBryde  is coming to talk to us about medication.


We look forward to seeing you there.


May 2024 Newsletter


Group Meetings for 2024 are as follows:

  • Wednesday 12th June 2024.  (Changed from 26th June) Huge thank you to Jane MacBryde for stepping in to cover for Jake Williams who has been rostered to work on 26th June.  This talk is about ‘medication’.


  • Wednesday 14th August 2024 – Social evening and Quiz (new date added)


  • Wednesday 9th October 2024 (AGM)

  • Wednesday 11th December 2024 (Christmas carols, sherry & mince pie)


The venue for all Group Meetings is St John’s Church Hall, Greenlands Avenue, Redditch

B98 7PZ.  Entrance fee is £3 per person.  Spouses/partners/friends are more than welcome.


Public Liability Insurance

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) have notified us that from 1st October 2024, they will no longer offer free Public Liability Insurance (PLI) to Affiliated Heart Support Groups such as Redditch Hale & Hearties.  Why?  The reason is that the requirements of their insurance policy have changed, and now require the BHF to exercise increased oversight over Heart Support Groups. This is something they have consistently tried to prevent as they believe that groups should be governed independently, guided by their organisers.  


 BHF have offered a ‘one off’ payment of £150 towards the cost of each Affiliated Heart Support Group’s first year of insurance.


Redditch Hale & Hearties have been affiliated to BHF since H&H’s inception.  BHF plan to set up a new ‘Independent Group Network’ that does not require formal affiliation. 


The Committee are currently looking into finding a PLI provider (not as easy as it first sounds).  Rest assured that we do not envisage having to close, or alter, our fantastic Heart Support Group.  The only difference is the cost which we will have to cover.  We will keep you updated in the coming months.


H&H Committee

It is with deep regret that June Spillane has resigned from the H&H Committee.  On behalf of all we would like to offer a huge and massive thank you to June for all that she has contributed over her 25+ years on the Committee.


We are always open to new Members for the Committee.  If you wish to know what it involves then please, just ask any of the current members – David Volrath (Greenlands & Oakenshaw), David Munro (Greenlands), Martin Stansbie (Oakenshaw) and Anne Brooks, Jo Hartland and Peggy Blunn at Bromsgrove.  We would like to encourage more representatives from Greenlands & Oakenshaw.


Emergency Contact Details

Thank you to everyone who has returned their Emergency Contact Details.  These will now we held in a sealed envelope in each briefcase should the need arise.


12th - Group meeting.  An excellent meeting. Jane McBryde gave a presentation on Heart medication. The presentation covered the following subjects.

To explain the reasoning behind some medication commonly used to help protect your heart

To outline the benefits of these medicines

To highlight the potential risks of these medicines

Explain the best way to take your medications

Discuss some of the interactions with your medicines

During the presentation Jane answered many questions, at the end an orderly queue formed to ask Jane about their particular medications.

Jane ended by saying that 150mins of relatively moderate exercise per week is almost as important as your medications.

Refreshments were available throughout the meeting and our thanks go to the team providing the cakes, coffee, tea and cold drinks.





Wednesday 14th August 2024 – Social evening and Quiz (new date added)



10th - Group meeting. (AGM)



13th - Group meeting. (Christmas, mince pies and wine)





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