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Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

News and Events 2022


Unfortunately we have to report the passing of another member of Hale and Hearties club. David Houghton a stalwart member of the Friday morning class had been ill for some time but still attended when he could.

He will be sadly missed by his class members.

The club members would like to send their condolences to

his family and friends at this sad time.

It is with great sadness we have to report the passing of Michael Tongue.

Michael attended the Friday afternoon class at Oakenshaw and will be greatly missed by his class members, The club members would like to send their sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Tomorrows 9/12/22 Friday morning classes have been cancelled due to the heater in the scout hut malfunctioning.

Please note:

Due to the declining exercise class numbers. From January 2023 there will be only one exercise class on Friday mornings (Bromsgrove)  at the scout hut. We have to do this for the club to remain financially viable going forward.

Should numbers pick up we will review this change at a later date.


The class will start at 09:30. 


   Dates for Christmas Holidays

  • Easemore Road – last class Wed. 21st December and restarting on Wed. 4th January 2023

  • Bromsgrove – last class Friday 16th December and restarting on Friday 6th January 2023

  • Oakenshaw – last class Friday 16th December and restarting on Friday 6th January 2023


Christmas attire is encouraged for the last classes of 2022!!



28th - Easemore Rd closure

The committee has been informed that they will receive 12 months' notice of intention to close the site. The 12 months only starts once notice is received, as of this time no notice has been received.  

12th   AGM - synopsis.

The annual AGM was held at Easemore Road. The first since 2019 due to Covid.

Approximately 40 members attended.

This event also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the club.

A superb Anniversary Cake was on display.


Vice chairman Nigel Blake chaired the meeting and outlined events since the last AGM in 2019.

Nigel thanked the committee for their effective stewardship over the last 3 years.

A minute's silence for members lost over the last 3 years was observed, 


Allan Bryan, Bob Bradley, Marlene Goodwin, Peter Jinks, Ann Avon, John Bridges, Ken Dalby, Alan Parry, Noreen Williams and Donald Vincent.

Nigel then handed over to Anne Brooks, secretary and treasurer to give the treasurers report.

     Anne reported that the club finances had taken something of a hit due to           there being no income over the covid period but there had been                         some essential expenditure. Defibrillator batteries being one of these.

     Class numbers are down, due initially to covid but not recovering to                   pre-covid levels and in some instances do not cover the club's costs of             holding the classes. Various measures have been put in place to remedy           this. Combining classes and an increase in class attendee's fees are two           examples.

     The club has a breakeven point for class attendees, and this must be                 reached to assure continuation of classes into the future.  Anne provided           graphs to the members to support this.

At this point in the agenda, as is the usual custom, the committee as a whole resigned and Al West took over to assist the process of appointing a new committee.

A vote was duly taken and all those who agreed to stand were appointed.

Please see the Committee page for your new committee members.

Nigel Blake was appointed as the new chairman and resumed control of the meeting.

Anne Brooks was appointed as secretary and  Martin Stansbie as Treasurer.

A small raffle was held and made a welcome £123 for the club.

1st prize    A £50 gift voucher

2nd prize A food hamper

3rd prize  Two bottles of wine

Nigel closed the meeting and we enjoyed a slice of cake or two with tea or coffee before wending our way home.




Committee members page updated. 



The Group meeting in August has been cancelled.

Vicki one of our class trainers has completed the 3 peaks challenge in aid of the 'Youth Sport Trust'. The team raised over £20,000 for the trust.

On the day the team was only able to complete 2.5 of the peaks due to bad weather, in true spirit she cajoled her husband to get up at 04:30 one morning a week later and drive her to Snowden to complete the task....How's that for dedication! Well Done Vicki.

Vicki sent her thanks to the many Hale and Hearties heart support group members who supported her with donations.









A new link to BHF youtube videos has been created please see the 'links' page.


The Group meeting in June has been cancelled.

The Friday afternoon classes at Oakenshaw have been reduced to one class starting at 13:30.



With the recent loss of Committee Members, we urgently need to recruit new Members to join us in taking our Group forward.  Please see the events page.


The Committee meet once every 2 months, usually on a Monday evening, between 5pm and 7pm in Redditch.  We would specifically like to recruit Committee Members so that each of the 5 classes are represented.  We cannot emphasis enough how important it is for new Committee Members to join us in taking our Group forward in the future.


If you would like to support H&H by joining the Committee, please speak to any of the current Committee Members – details of which are on the H&H web site.

CPR and Defib use training:

Class members and instructors took part in a CPR and defib use training session on the 24th May at Easemore Road in Redditch.

The training was lead by Dr Chris Smith. Dr Smith is a NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Emergency Medicine, with an interest in EM- and community resuscitation research at Warwick University,

Dr Smith made the training easy to understand and enjoyable.

If you would like to learn the basics of CPR and perhaps save a life, The BHF has a 15 min interactive video which provides this. Click on the link below.

Learn CPR in 15 minutes | RevivR | BHF


The aim of the club is to have two people who have undertaken class CPR/Defib training at each exercise class. This will usually be the class instructor and a member of the exercise class. 



The Group meeting in April has been cancelled.

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Noreen Williams.

She was a popular long standing member of our Wednesday evening class.

Noreen was a lovely lady who, for many years, helped at our club functions, often cooking some of the fayre on offer. She also provided memorable Mars Bar chocolate cakes  with her husband Gary. (Gary is a past deputy chairman of the group). Noreen  would also be the first to welcome new members to the club and put them at ease.

Patrick Moran has resigned as Chairman of Redditch Hale & Hearties heart support group. 

During his time as Chairman of the Committee, some ten years or more, the Group has grown and prospered. This is in no small thanks to the guidance and generosity he has shown to the Group. His lead at both Group and Committee meetings will be sorely missed.  

On behalf of everyone in the Group, we would like to thank Patrick for all the work he has done on our behalf and wish him and his family good health.  We very much look forward to seeing him exercising at Easemore and at Group Meetings in the future.


Jane's farewell party last Friday got scuppered by covid, a great pity but I'm sure we will see Jane at the club later on to say farewell. see a couple of photo's on main page.

Hello all

Jane was heartbroken to have missed last Friday's celebration at Bromsgrove.  We delivered the cards, gifts, flowers, cake, balloons etc. to her house which cheered her up.  Al West has put a couple of pictures on the H&H Website


Jane asked if she could come along to say thank you and we have arranged for her and Linda to come to Bromsgrove on Friday 8th April between about 9.50 to 10.20 am


The early class will be from 9.00 am to 9.45ish and the later class will be 10.20ish to 11.10 am.  This will be our last class before Easter as we are closed on Friday 15th April (Good Friday).


If you can't make class but want to come along to the mini-celebration, that absolutely fine.  And if you want to pass this on to anyone else, then please do. 

The event went well and was enjoyed by all who attended.

February :


The 'spread some kindness', Cardiomyopathy campaign has started.  

Also see their 'Ride with Us' campaign regarding a ride around London on Sunday 29th May 2022.

Click on either of the above to go to their website for information.

 Friday morning classes at Bromsgrove scout hut have now started using the     exercise exercise again. Hurrah! All the equipment has been thoroughly         checked and tested and is in good condition.

Money was collected in 2019 for the 'Midlands Air Ambulance' we have received a request for a picture of an exercise class for their website. We will be taking the picture on Friday 25th at the Bromsgrove classes during changeover. 

January :

Exercise classes restart on Wednesday 5th January at Redditch, Easemore Road.  Friday the 7th January sees classes restart at Bromsgrove and Redditch Oakenshaw.

 From Dec 2021



It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Alan Parry.

Alan was a popular member of our Wednesday evening class at Easemore Road in Redditch.

He was well known for leading the carol singing at our Christmas membership meeting and always performed the role with great gusto and precision.

Alan was very easy to talk to and gave good advice to members of the class

as and when he was asked. He will be sadly missed.

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