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An exercise video to try at home, this one from Helen.

When you click on the link you see a dark band across the bottom of the screen. Click on the little X at the top right of the blue band to remove it and then click on the play icon in the middle of the video. Do the same for the video 'message from our Trainers'

and a message from our Trainers


The video link, below is much like our warm up exercises we do at class.

Please click on the link below.    

This is the 'Elvis' cool down routine from Vicci


Please keep safe when exercising at home.






Bob Bradley


It is with the most profound regret and sadness that we must announce the death of

Bob Bradley,  the Treasurer of the Group.

Bob died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on Saturday last, the 4th April 2020.

He was suffering from the Covid 19 virus which is presently sweeping the country and, indeed, the world.

Bob was a longstanding member of the Group and the longest-serving  Committee member.

He became Treasurer of the Group in early 2003 and held that position until his death.

The word 'stalwart' is often over-used, but not in the case of Bob.

He was truly a stalwart of the Group and worked tirelessly to look after the interests of the Group. 

He was totally and utterly reliable and always promoted the interests of the Group

in his quiet, gentle, yet persuasive manner.

Gentleness was the distinguishing feature of Bob. He was a gentle giant; a gentle man

and a gentleman.

He will be sorely missed; his passing leaves us with a hole we can never fill

and a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

Our deepest condolences go to Bob's wife, Carol, and their son, Nick,

at this most difficult time.

As well as the exercises being provided on this site, exercise sheets are also being provided by BHF under the 'Activity' option.  click here 

The BHF are also providing their 'Activity exercise video' free of charge inc. free delivery during the virus outbreak.  Click here

The video is also due to be put on to the BHF main page shortly so that you can play it from there.

BHF nurses are available to answer questions on 0300 330 3300

Jane and Linda are available by dialing 01527 503882

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