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As part of our continuing support for the Alexandra hospital, Redditch Hale and Hearties has bought a new Microwave for CCU nursing staff


Message from Linda Barratt.

Hello to all,

Thank you so much for the lovely words on the website about

my semi-retirement!  We all have had an interesting fun journey

and so many friendships have developed since Hale and Hearties

and Cardiac rehab started in 1996. My new path gives me some

time to play, garden and develop my many other holistic healing

interests and hobbies. I am back on it 3 days a week and

available to support the group with advice and keep you updated!

Let’s maintain hope and positivity in looking forward so we can

all get together again soon, until then.

Keep safe 🙏


Ps Thank you so much from CCU at the Alex for the very fast

delivery of the Microwave it really is an essential item that

supports the Doctors  nurses and patients.Especially in these

times, making it difficult to leave our work area for meals. Xx




Linda Barratt

After a 42 year nursing career Linda is semi-retiring from the Cardiac Rehab unit on Thursday 28th January.


As you know Linda has been involved with 'Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart Support Group' since its inception in September 1997. She has always made herself available to our members, and in a way became our very own consultant. 

Linda has always promoted the group to those who have had recent heart issues and indeed most of the new exercise class members come via the rehab classes held by Linda and Jane at the Alex and POW hospitals.

Members will recall the many presentations she has done at the club meetings regarding drugs, prescriptions, new developments in heart treatments etc.

 Linda always manages to keep us on our toes at the meetings. The enjoyable mindfulness exercises she introduced at one meeting spring to mind as being something quite new to a lot of those attending. 

We wish her well in her retirement and, at the same time, are absolutely delighted that, for the time being, she has agreed to work 3 days a week.

Certainly can't keep a good woman down. 


All the best for whatever the future brings from all at Redditch Hale & Hearties.


This article may be worth a read.

Covid: How a £20 gadget could save lives - BBC News

It's about a device called a 'Pulse Oximeter', (about £20 on Amazon) which measures oxygen in the blood.


This is a link to see the ESC video

A Video message from our exercise trainers:

5th January 2021

Apparently when you get the call for your co-vid 19 vaccination they ask for your NHS number - This is on your medicines prescription so if possible keep a copy to hand.  


Hello Hale & Hearties Members


Firstly we would like to wish you all a happy and safe New Year.


It will come as no surprise to you all that following last night's announcement regarding Lockdown we have put all thoughts regarding classes on hold.  In fact we do not see any classes restarting for the foreseeable future.  Our plan is to review the situation around the end of March/early April.  If the infection rate has reduced considerably and the vaccination programme has reached our Members then we will probably run a small survey to see who would like to attend.  Once we have that data then we can work out the best course of action.


Don't forget you can check out the web startpage.

Al West kindly keeps this up to date with current information and we will definitely email again when we have more news.


We are sure that, like you, this was not how we wanted to start 2021.  So, please stay safe as we look forward to seeing you all some time in 2021.


Warm regards

H&H Committee