Newsletter 79 November 2018 - Highlights 2


Wednesday 12th September 2018 

There were approximately 85 people at this memorable Group meeting.

Patrick started the evening off by welcoming everyone to the Group’s 21st Anniversary. It was doubly exciting as Professor Sir Keith Porter was introduced as the Group’s new Honorary President.

Patrick asked the Group to acknowledge Cardiac Specialist Nurse Linda Barratt and Cardiac Physiotherapist Jane MacBryde, both of whom were at the forefront of starting the Group. He also introduced other members who have been part of the Group from the start.

Patrick went on to tell a few of his legendary jokes before handing over to Sir Keith.

Sir Keith gave a brilliant and very interesting presentation, which started with how resuscitation was used as far back as biblical times. He then went on to tell the Group about the history of the West Midlands Central Accident & Emergency Care Team, which was founded in 1990. Sir Keith was one of the volunteers who responded to serious medical incidents within the West Midlands.


The paramedics are so well trained that the team can do so much at the scene before patients are transported to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital by air or road ambulance. Sir Keith treats a great number of trauma patients who range from soldiers to those who have been involved in traffic accidents or accidents in the home.

Sir Keith specialises in very refined micro surgery.

Sir Keith is the UK’s only Professor of Clinical Traumatology and has been at the forefront of developing world-class treatment for injured military servicemen and women over the past 10 years. He is also the Chair of the International Trauma Conference held annually.


He is a wonderful, friendly and approachable man who, hopefully, will come back and talk to the Group about CitizenAID.


Patrick thanked Sir Keith for giving up his time and for giving the Group a fascinating presentation.


Sir Keith cut the Anniversary cake; the Group then went on to enjoy the wonderful array of cakes and champagne.

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