Newsletter 79 November 2018   -- Highlights 1


Wednesday 10th October 2018 – Annual General Meeting

Once again, the AGM was a very successful event with more than 60 members attending.

Patrick welcomed members to the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.  After telling a few of his jokes, he went on to give his report, saying it has been another good year for the Group, which continues to thrive and grow. He asked for a few moments’ silent reflection in memory of members we have lost this year and in previous years. He also wished Doug Bratt a speedy recovery after his time in hospital.

Patrick said what fantastic speakers we had over the year, and that, hopefully, some would return, especially our new President, Professor Sir Keith Porter, who gave an exceptional presentation.

The Raffle at the December 2017 meeting raised a staggering £582, which was fantastic; thank you to all who donated the prizes and for buying the raffle tickets.

The good news is that, once again, the February 2019 annual meal will be subsidised by the Group, and, by popular demand, Alan Hudson, the TV magician, will be the entertainment for the evening.

Patrick thanked Ali and her staff for the wonderful display of the food they supply to the Group; thanks also went to the bar staff and the tea team who keep everyone topped up with wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Jane and Linda’s April Barn Dance was a great success and raised funds for Cardiac Rehab. at the Alex Hospital.

Tim Hawkesworth once again co-ordinated the Tesco/ BHF Diabetes UK collection at the Tesco stores. Well done to Tim and the Hale & Hearties members for standing with their charity collection buckets.

Patrick thanked Al West for everything he does for the Group, including repairing all the exercise equipment and keeping a very impressive database on it, and for managing the website. He also thanked the Committee members for their hard work and input which makes the Group a success. He welcomed Anne Brooks as the new Secretary.  He also thanked the exercise instructors for their help and support.

Patrick handed over to the Treasurer, Bob Bradley.  Having provided copies of the accounts to the members, Bob said the Group is doing well and has made a very small profit, which is what was expected. Bob asked whether there were any questions; as there were none, Bob announced that the Committee would step down and he passed over to Al West. Al thanked Patrick for what he does for the Group and said how hard the Committee work for the good of the Group. Al proposed that the Committee be voted back en-bloc; Aslam and Nigel Stockwell seconded. Al asked for a show of hands in agreement, which was unanimous. Al passed back to Patrick who invited the Group to tuck into, and enjoy the wonderful display of food and a glass of wine or soft drink.

Friends we have lost

Sadly, over the last year the Group has lost three of its members; Ron Johnson of the Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon exercise class, who died on 22nd September 2018, and Vic Hems and Dave Styler, both formerly of the Bromsgrove class. They will be sorely missed by their friends and the Group members.

Our thoughts are with their families.

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