Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

Events 2021

Meeting dates:

Our bi-monthly meetings will be held on February 21st  (meal); April 10th; June 12th; August 14th; October 9th and December 11th.

Details of each meeting will be published in this events diary as soon as they are available.

All meetings are held at Community House, Easemore road, Redditch (b98 8ye) at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated below.





21st - HH Dinner at Kings Norton Golf club, 7:00 for 7:30.  Click here for menu 


As usual, an excellent evening with around 100 guests. We had good company, good food, Patrick's jokes and Alan Hudson's  Magic stage show. An all round superb evening which I'm sure all there enjoyed immensely. Looking forward to next year already.


A replacement stationary bicycle for the Wednesday evening class has been provided. The yellow folding bike having proved unsuitable.


 10th - bi-monthly meeting. Sir Keith Porter speaking about citizenAID

citizenAID is a UK registered charity with a focused mission to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks.  Sadly something we are seeing in our communities, at home and abroad, a lot more.

An excellent evening. We started off with the cabaret , Sir Keith's words, of Patrick now doing his infamous joke routine.  Sir Keith is an exceptional speaker with a relaxed demeanour which belies his experiences  and fantastic knowledge. Tonight he was speaking about citizenAid, a charitable  organisation aimed at giving the general public  information on  'Public immediate actions in a deliberate attack'.  It focuses on keeping yourself safe and information on how to help  injured or shocked people when it is safe to do so.

Sir Keith gave  details on recent terrorist attacks and why more lives were lost than necessary  due to people not knowing how to treat serious wounds in the immediate aftermath of an incident.  It is not aimed at giving people paramedic training just the basics of actions to take to save lives from traumatic injury.

There is an app for both IOS (apple) and Android phones which can be found at  the relevant app store for that phone. There is also a pocket guide, concertina format, which can be purchased from the charity website. Many of these pocket guides were given out to members attending the meeting.

It was also announced  that KPMG (an audit company) had given us a donation towards the purchase of our new projector.

Sad news, Doug Bratt, a stalwart member of the Redditch Weekday night classes, has passed away. Doug had been having a rough time of late with infections causing him to be admitted to hospital on numerous occasions. He will be remembered with great affection by members of the club. Doug's funeral will take place on the 24th of April at Redditch crematorium. This will be followed by a wake at Bromsgrove golf club.

Vicky, our Wednesday night trainer, completed in the London marathon on the 28th April. Vicky finished in the fantastic time of 4 hours 18 minutes! Vicky also raised over £3,300 for Charity.



More sad news I'm afraid, It is with great regret that I have to report the passing of Mo (Maureen Lomas). Mo and her husband Roger have been members of the Friday morning 09:00 class for as long as I can remember. 

Mo will be remembered as a lovely, kind, happy and outgoing lady and she will be sadly missed at the club. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Roger his family and all their friends who have lost such wonderful lady.

MO's funeral will be at Lodge Hill Crematorium, Selly Oak, b29 5aa, on Monday the 24th of June at 14:30.

 13th - bi-monthly meeting. Linda Barrett.  Linda is going to give a general update on issues affecting cardiac services both locally and nationally including new drugs etc.

An excellent meeting with Patrick's jokes and Linda giving us an update on the situation at the Alex, the upshot being that although a few services may change the Alex is safe. More and more specialist nurse run services are being developed which allow much more interaction with patients and bring down waiting times. New studies are taking place, again nurse run, which intend to ensure that contact with the hospital services is maintained and no patient misses out on vital follow up communication.

We also learned the optimal numbers for our Cholesterol et al.  total cholesterol  less than 4.0 mmol/l, HDL  more than 1.1 for men and 1.2 for women, LDL less than 2.0, HDL/LDL ratio less than 5; (the lower the better), Triglycerides  less than 1.8, HBAIC l(sugar level) less than 42

Some studies suggest that Glucosamine (usually taken for Arthritis), Co-enzyme Q10 (helps tolerate statins) and Omega 3  (found in fish oils) may help support the heart.

New treatments for Heart failure and the use of stem cell patches to repair damaged heart muscles  were also discussed.

All in all a very informative meeting that was enjoyed by all. 

Many thanks to Linda who Patrick presented with some wine as a thank you.



14th - bi-monthly meeting. Quiz Night

An excellent fun night of quizzing. Patrick started the evening's entertainment with a few jokes prior to us getting down to the serious business of trying to win the prize for the most questions answered correctly.  We had 40 general knowledge questions followed by a picture round of 'name those cowboys/girls'. Much fun was had in determining which answer was correct, with the quiz master holding sway over every assault. A lot of leeway was given for incorrect spelling and partial answers along with gleeful merriment from opposing teams when an answer was judged incorrect. 


Tea, Coffee and biscuits were available throughout the evening and our thanks go to our two tea ladies for providing the refreshments.

The evening finished with our usual raffle draw.

A good nights entertainment was had by all.


Sad news again, Derek Deboo , an early member of the Bromsgrove Friday morning class, has passed away.  I have copied the information below from the Bromsgrove Advertiser.

DEREK ARTHUR DEBOO (DICKIE) Passed away peacefully on 24th September 2019, aged 88 years. He will be deeply missed by all his family and friends. 



1st - Active ageing programme.  

Click on the PDF icon for the full programme starting on October the 1st 2019.

 9th - bi-monthly meeting AGM and Cheese and wine.

 An excellent evening perhaps not as well attended as our usual AGM's but a good night was had by all who did attend. Patrick welcomed the members and started of with a few jokes. A minutes silence was held in remembrance of those members who had passed away during the year.  Patrick then outlined the various activities which had taken place during the year. 

Bob gave his financial report which showed the group made a profit on the year of approx. £1150.A a major amount of this was raised by Nigel Blake who ran a half marathon in October in aid of our group. 

Patrick thanked the committee members whose hard work throughout the year made the running of our club successful. Patrick then gave token gifts to members of the committee and other helpers.

The committee stood down and were re-elected en-bloc for another year. 

Patrick then let us loose on the fantastic amount of food and wine which had been provided.

Denise then called the winning raffle numbers and we went merrily on our way home.


New exercise tubes and  balls (including a net to hold them) have been purchased for the Friday morning classes at Bromsgrove.

Cardiac Rehab.

Linda, Jane and the team would like to say a thank you to the Group for the briefcase and the Reebok exercise steps.  

They would also like to say thank you to Peter Judd and his company for donating two much needed blood pressure monitors.

I think it is just a small way in which the Group can say thank you to the Rehab. team for all they have done, and still do, for Group members.



11th - bi-monthly meeting - Christmas meeting with Sherry and mince pies, Carol singing and the Grand Christmas raffle..

Another great evening , Patrick's jokes flowed as did the wine... Patrick went through a few events from the year and thanked lots of non-committee members who gave their time and effort to the group. As well as thanks Patrick presented them with a gift of appreciation for the work they had done. 

The raffle was excellent as usual, with many people going away glowing after winning their prizes, first prize of an iPad mini went to Carol Bradley.

The food (cakes in the main) and wine were well received, many of us took away samples for the morrow.

Click here for Christmas 2019 photos