Redditch Hale and Hearties Heart  Support Group

 14th December 2020

Hello All Hale & Hearties Members


As this year draws to a close there are a couple of items to pass on.


Firstly, as some of you might have heard, Helen Williams, one of our dedicated Instructors has recently had an unexpected operation.  We are delighted that Helen is now at home and slowly recuperating.  We wish her a speedy recovery.


Secondly, Group Meetings in 2021.  We have put provisional dates in the diary for the Group Meetings in 2021.  These are: Wednesday 14th April and Wednesday 9th June.  Although we feel that it is highly unlikely that either of these will go ahead we've put the dates in, just in case.


Dates that we are hugely hopeful will go ahead are: Wednesday 11th August, Wednesday 13th October and Wednesday 8th December. Meetings will be from 7.30 to 9.00/9.30 at Easemore Road.  We hope that we will see many of you at the meetings.


Finally, on behalf of the Committee, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing you back at classes as soon as possible.


Warm regards from us all

H&H Committee



Please note:


Just to let you know that the Walking for Health group has stopped.  It was stopped at the start of the 2nd lock down and, if it does start again, it won’t be until January at the earliest.

Email from BHF


Hello – I would just like to thank everyone at Redditch Hale and Hearties for the generous donation of £1,000 to the BHF and particularly  to Jane who sold her home video to raise funds and the committee who then agreed to round up to the total of £1,000.


Your donation this year is more vital than ever as due to the impact of the pandemic, our funding has halved and we are urgently in need of both short term and long term support.


The continued support of the members of Redditch Hale and Hearties is much appreciated.


Wishing you all a “Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year”




8th December 2020


Please be aware there is a Covid-19 scam doing the rounds.

It may come as a text or Email. looking like an official government request.

It states that you may be entitled to a grant from the government because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It asks for your email address and postcode, if you input these it will then ask for bank details etc.


delete the text or Email ASAP. 

1st December 2020

Hello all Hale & Hearties


We do hope this finds you well.  We are absolutely delighted to let you know that we received £455 in donations to the BHF from our wonderful members in exchange for Jane's home exercise video.


The Committee have decided to top this up and today we've sent a cheque for £1,000 to the British Heart Foundation as they so desperately need our support this year.


For those of you that have the DVD we hope you are enjoying the exercise.


Take care all

H&H Committee



31st October 2020


Copy of an email regarding classes 26/10/20


Hello All Hale & Hearties Members


We do hope that you are keeping well.  It can be hard to motivate yourself to keep exercising now the darker nights and colder days are here.  We hope that the Instructors' videos are helping you.


The Committee have been discussing could we / can't we open up the classes.  We know that some venues in Redditch and Bromsgrove are holding exercise classes and are we being too cautious.  Our answer is that, given our Membership, it is just too soon for us to restart.  If we are to stay within the guidelines of no face coverings and 4 meters apart then one venue would have 6 people, another venue a maximum of 12.  Firstly, the rise in cases is just too high for us to take the risk with your health and secondly, it's not viable.  We also have the complication of which Covid-19 Tier you are in and should you / shouldn't you mix with other households.


With that in mind we have decided to say there will be no classes for the remainder of 2020.  We will look again in January and have everything crossed that we will be able to start a phased return to exercise.  


Almost 2 weeks ago would have been Redditch Hale & Hearties AGM with copious amounts of Cheese & Wine.  (You'll just have to put your Tupperware boxes away for the time being!!)  Sadly, it would have been the first AGM without Bob Bradley, our much-valued Treasurer.  Bob worked tirelessly to look after the financial affairs of the Group and ensure we were always on a sound footing. He is truly missed by us all.


Lastly would you join us in wishing Janet & John Gilmore a happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary.  We all know Jan as she is part of the Tea Team at the Group Meetings as well as attending Oakenshaw classes.  Happy Anniversary


Take care everyone

Warm regards to you all

The H&H Committee

8th October 2020 - Suspended until Jan 2021


There is a new 'Walking for Health' group at the Lickey End recreation ground from Tuesday the 6th of October forward.

They are free sessions, each Tuesday at 10am, being run by a qualified gym instructor and walk leader.

Just turn up - For more details call Hayley Gwilliam on 01527 881404



8th September 2020

Please be aware there is a phishing scam doing the rounds supposedly from Sky.

They are asking that you agree to new terms and conditions and want you to logon and give details of your account.

"Do not reply and Delete the e-mail"

3rd September 2020

Hi Folks, Hope you are all keeping well and at least attempting a bit of exercise.

It looks like the halls we use to exercise in will take a little time longer before we are able to use them again. It seems that insurance and cleaning regimes might be stumbling blocks.

The committee has put together an update email which I will replicate here for completeness.


Hello All


An update from Hale & Hearties with many people to thank.


Firstly, we want to thank you for your responses to our survey regarding classes. We were thrilled with the number that responded and there was a representative response from every class. The answers told us that:


38.81% of responders said: I would be happy to attend class WITHOUT a mask/face covering and 4 meters apart

29.85% of responders said: I would be prepared to attend class WITH a mask/face covering and 2 meters apart

19.4% of responders said: I am NOT prepared to attend classes in 2020

11.94% of responders said: I will ONLY attend class when a vaccine is in use


That gives us confidence that enough people are prepared to attend when the time is right to start again. On the question of a new format (40/45 minutes etc.) 82.61% of responders said they would attend.


Thank you also to everyone who replied to the email telling us what they have been up to in Lockdown.  Gardens, decorating, growing veg, exercising and even losing a little weight.  So heartening to hear you are well.


Some people asked if we could exercise outdoors.  We had thought about this and have spoken to an Instructor about using outside and unfortunately it is a bit more complicated than it sounds.  A couple of weeks ago it would be too hot, next week probably too wet then coming into the winter it’s too cold or damp.  That means that each week it would be different and we would have to decide on a week-by-week, day-by-day basis if the class was on.  And then we have to let everyone that it is on/off perhaps on the morning of the class and that takes quite some time.


There is also the issue of twisted ankles, knees etc. from not being on flat ground.  Some fitness groups such as the Boot Camp group do exercise outside but for our Members we don’t see it as a good idea.  Sorry to disappoint as we would love to be back in class.


Finally, would you join us in wishing Linda Barratt a happy (special) birthday.  We can’t thank her enough for the work she does for us as individuals on our heart journey; for Hale & Hearties as a Group with the speakers she organises for the Group Meetings; then her own talks on new research, new medication with updates on the hospital as well as helping us with our ongoing questions.


Happy Birthday Linda xx

(enjoy the ‘mother’s ruin’ from H&H)


Thank you to all my ex patients for my lovely 60th birthday gifts"  Amazing surprise x Linda


Hi again, updated 12/08/20

By now you should have had an email from the committee regarding the current situation about restarting classes.

If by some chance you have not received yours yet I have put a copy below.



Dear Hale & Hearties Member


Today (Wednesday 12th) would have seen us heading to Redditch for the annual Hale & Hearties Quiz night.  So much seems to have happened since we were last together at the Annual Meal in February.  Little did we know then what was to come.


We have been asked when the Hale & Hearties classes are restarting and, sadly, the answer is “not for a while yet”.


One of our considerations was advice from the British Heart Foundation since they provide our public liability insurance.  Their guidance states: “If you are living with a heart or circulatory condition, your risk of catching corona-virus is no higher than anyone else. However, the risks of developing complications from the virus, if infected, are greater. It is therefore particularly important you reduce your chance of catching the virus by following the information provided by the UK government and NHS.”  The situation as to whether classes are advisable varies throughout the Country and so BHF are not giving specific advice about restarting classes.  Whilst they have not said that we can’t restart classes they are recommending limiting your interactions with those you don’t live with.


We have also spoken to the Cardiac Rehab Team.  One of the things we learnt from them is that masks/face coverings are not recommended when exercising.  To help stop the spread of COVID-19 people are spaced 4 meters apart (13 feet in old money).  That would severely limit the number of people that could use our venues.


We also have to follow the guidance of the venues we use.  Some of our venues are not yet open and/or haven’t produced their guidance.  One venue thinks it will be at least September/October before they are ready and it could even be the end of the year.


If the current situation remains as it is, when classes do restart we envisage that they will be different (less equipment). One suggestion is something on the lines of 40/45 minutes with warm-up type exercises and some band/weights work (no moving off your spot). What we are not sure about is how many H&H members would return.  To that end we have put together a small survey (only 3 questions) and would ask as many of you as possible to complete it. 


We’ve used SurveyMonkey software and the link to the survey is:



If you have any comments or suggestions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We love to hear from you and know that you are all well. We know that our fabulous Instructors are as keen to see you all as we are.


Take care

The H&H Committee


Hi Folks,

Its been a little while now since we've been able to exercise as a group, I'm assuming you're all doing daily exercise anyway? I'm doing a daily walk, 1-2 miles depending on how I feel, now and again I'm doing a bit of 'Tai Chi' and I'm doing a bit of exercise with the bands I have. Motivation is a big problem when you're exercising on your own but i think it's worth the effort.

We don't have any news yet as to when we will be able to restart classes. Most of us are in the vulnerable group so of course we have to be extra careful about contact outside of our bubbles.

With all the huffing and puffing we do as we exercise, ok so only some of us do that,  we especially need to keep to the 2m apart rule. Of course we are all using equipment one after the other so cleaning it after each person will be paramount (as well at the start and end of each session). Even if you're wearing gloves this has to be done.


So as you can see we will be facing quite a few obstacles even when permission to start again is given,


I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again in, hopefully, the near future.


Stay safe and do a bit of exercise  if possible.  

An exercise video to try at home, this one from Helen.

When you click on the link you see a dark band across the bottom of the screen. Click on the little X at the top right of the blue band to remove it and then click on the play icon in the middle of the video. Do the same for the video 'message from our Trainers'

and a message from our Trainers


This is the 'Elvis' cool down routine from Vicci


Please keep safe when exercising at home.






Bob Bradley


It is with the most profound regret and sadness that we must announce the death of

Bob Bradley,  the Treasurer of the Group.

Bob died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on Saturday last, the 4th April 2020.

He was suffering from the Covid 19 virus which is presently sweeping the country and, indeed, the world.

Bob was a longstanding member of the Group and the longest-serving  Committee member.

He became Treasurer of the Group in early 2003 and held that position until his death.

The word 'stalwart' is often over-used, but not in the case of Bob.

He was truly a stalwart of the Group and worked tirelessly to look after the interests of the Group. 

He was totally and utterly reliable and always promoted the interests of the Group

in his quiet, gentle, yet persuasive manner.

Gentleness was the distinguishing feature of Bob. He was a gentle giant; a gentle man

and a gentleman.

He will be sorely missed; his passing leaves us with a hole we can never fill

and a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

Our deepest condolences go to Bob's wife, Carol, and their son, Nick,

at this most difficult time.

As well as the exercises being provided on this site, exercise sheets are also being provided by BHF under the 'Activity' option.  click here 

The BHF are also providing their 'Activity exercise video' free of charge inc. free delivery during the virus outbreak.  Click here

The video is also due to be put on to the BHF main page shortly so that you can play it from there.

BHF nurses are available to answer questions on 0300 330 3300

Jane and Linda are available by dialling 01527 503882

Click on 'Home' on the left to go to the normal start up page.

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